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Time to walk away from the culture killers

The Don Henley tune keeps playing in my head “The End of the Innocence”. I’ve been listening to sports radio in Boston since I was in grade school. The “Godfather” of sports talk was a man named Eddie Andelman. I even got a chance to meet him, and his famous tag line was always, just keep it fun. Sports are supposed to be fun, all this ticky-tack nonsense with replays and ridiculous rules is just sapping the fun out of sports. Really I’m tracking so close to giving up on the NFL entirely and maybe even the NBA. MLB seems to be keeping it a little real, but the replay nonsense is starting to get stupid there too. None seems to solve anything, referring to the controversial call, or lack of call, that saved the Packers at the expense of the Detroit Lions. It’s either silly overkill, or failure to launch. So yea, I’ve kind of reached the end of my innocence when it comes to the major sports in America.

What really prompts this is is my old favorite sports radio station. It started when one of the hosts was absolutely livid that an Olympic athlete would have the audacity to be a virgin. He was appalled that a 30-year old woman would still be a virgin. The whole thing was absolutely crude and I was embarrassed for WEEI radio.

Well now they’ve decided that they have to take advertising for a marijuana convention in Boston. Yea, enough is enough, I probably should have walked away awhile ago, but old loyalties can die hard, even if those in question just become creepy, ill-informed and just plain classless.

Yea unfortunately so much of sports, on the field, in the locker room, and on the air-waves has just become crude, totally lacking in class, just a grab for money and success and without any regard for character and taste, just creepy. This is also for the advertisers on WEEI, most are Boston area sponsors, so it probably won’t make much difference, but if you want to associate with drug advertising, then I don’t want to associate with you. So it will be sad, but its not the same station and hey maybe they will upgrade their character and lose the stupid comments and the drug ads. But probably not, there’s no concern with any kind of character or class, just being creepy and a mindless grab for money.

Sure it’s all about smoking marijuana, what makes me happy

Gonna kind of step off the deep end here so stand by for serious squawking.
Burt Helm in Inc Magazine (Dec 2013/Jan 2014 p 56) about the corporate culture in Boulder, Co. Their local historian pleading not to “unfairly reducing Boulder to a playground where smug eco-liberals puffed legalized marijuana and compared triathlon times.”
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, gotta be a duck. “We’re so much more complex than that” says local historian Carol Taylor. No, no you’re not you think your sophisticated intellectuals with your degrees in Women’s Studies, how is that any kind of serious academic pursuit. Degrees issued from “prestigious” colleges, that are just really “degree mills”. No academic benefit, just a huge amount of money for a name and connections.
These are people who sit around and tell each other how good they are because they lobby for government to spend more taxpayer money, while they don’t give to anything and find ways to avoid any kind of tax.
They tell each other how good they are by finding ways to justify killing babies, elderly, anyone who really doesn’t stack up so that they can of course pursue much higher goals like legalizing marijuana. These are the same people who in the 60s and 70s told everyone that abortion, divorce, should be easier, but would never become common place. Yea, welcome to your short-sighted ignorance, where both are epidemic, tearing apart families, creating the last two generations that have known the most unstable, insecure lives in history outside of war zones, famine zones, etc.
Yea, good for you, you have so much money, most of which is mommy and daddies, who just gave you money petted you on the heard, and sent you on your way. That way you could have teen-age sex, abortions, drugs, you know the 90210 life-style that you strive for and that yo think is so edifying.
Good for Burt Helm, he writes “it’s hard to keep a straight face”. I may be taking his comment a little out of context, but boy it is. You have a bunch of people who are an inch thick and a mile wide.
Yea, good for you , you make big bucks. Yea, people who have very little integrity, who expertly appeal to the lowest common denominator (yea, marijuana for example). Principle takes a back seat to “what’s in it for me” (actually that is the principle they live by). There big social solution is legalizing marijuana, and they couldn’t care less how it affects the vast majority of people. Try being in my inner city church office where people spend so much time trying to con you out of a bit of money. How many times have I heard about someone who was just at our food bank, who just went out and sold about $40 worth of groceries for a joint. “Yea kids get free lunch and breakfast at school, I don’t have to worry about food.” Wow, if these pretentious fops from Boulder ever lived in a real place, got a dose of reality, these boors from Wellesley, Harvard and Smith Colleges who have always lived on “opm” (other people’s money). They don’t know what they’re talking about and they don’t care, “don’t try to confuse me with the facts, I’m so much smarter than you.”
So long as I get my way, because I have all my life, I really don’t care how much what I do creates a more decadent, debauched society.
Common denominator? It’s all about me, I’m my own “god”, it’s what makes me happy, yada, yada. Then when it all falls apart, they get bailed out by others, but of course, it’s someone else’s fault. Someone didn’t let me smoke a joint and get mellow. Yea, they really think that way. God is God, we are saved, we are only fulfilled in our lives through Christ. It just baffles me, I am showing you Christ, you show me a joint. There is life and life more abundant, or there’s sitting around with a joint, making money off of your self-centered lusts.