The faith of evolutionists and secular scientists won’t admit to any fallacies in their faith system

For those who just love to talk about how “objective” and fact base science is, I submit the following.

“In 2007 astronomers announced the discovery of a new planet called Gliese 581d. Unlike other planets, this one was found just the right distance from its star to hold liquid water. For evolutionary cosmologists, liquid water means life. When another planet, Gliese 581g, was discovered in an even better orbit, one California astronomer declared, ‘The chances of life on this planet are 100 percent.'” (

Now this is such a fallacious, faith-based statement that to call such an assertion “scientific” or objective is to be in denial of reality. One does not necessarily presuppose the other. Water does not necessarily equal life, the supposed size of a planet does not necessarily equal life and the orbit of such planet does not necessarily equal life. The whole paragraph is a presumptuous, faith based supposition and is not good science or even good faith based teaching for that matter. Most of what “evolutionists” have supposed has been wrong and continues to be torn down in science and in our understanding of Intelligent Design.

But herein lies the upshot: “Last year, however, instead of finding life, astronomers discovered there was no planet at all. The Doppler shifts ascribed to orbiting planets actually came from the star itself. Gliese 581d and g never existed.” Now my cynical self is thinking, based on all the nonsense peddled by the secular science community in the past few decades, there is a desperation to keep fiction like this on the front page for the faithful, the true believers, until they actually find something that is fact. The recent discovery of the Boson-Higgs particle as the so-called “God particle”. Well for most of the faithful, this was understood as somehow the source of all creation. It is of course not, and while I’m not prepared to really explain, suffice that this is a particle that just explains some missing matter in the universe and some indication of how inter-stellar matter somehow comes together. This is the link to Wikipedia for a much better explanation:

But the Higgs-boson particle is in no way, shape or form where creation comes from. But the evolutionary elite are more than happy to let the evolutionary faithful believe until, hopefully, genuine facts surface. Ya, you probably noticed that when there’s an “oopsy” the secular-faithful simply tend to pass it by. They only want what bolsters the secular position, anything else just won’t be included in their faith system.

The upshot is this, for those who can objectively evaluate science, the fact is this, life on this planet, or anywhere is impossible in natural processes. It just is! The fact that we are here, humans, any life for that matter is so fragile and the universe is so inhospitable to life, that we are here only because God created this planet to support life. For the secular to make such specious claims as to where a planet is and then “must” be such and so is so spectacularly unscientific, it isn’t even a good faith claim. The evolutionary/secular paradigm is rapidly breaking down, it is becoming more and more obvious that our creation is the result of Intelligent Design. The “evolution” paradigm is almost forced to make silly faith claims such as Gliese 581g to keep the faithful in line and then hope that there almost unscientific hypotheses can be subsequently proven. That continues to not be the case.

Are there extra-solar planets? Sure, we’ve seen them. Very little in terms of what could support life, but if there is, does that undermine Christianity? No. if God has willed to create life in other parts of the universe, well His will be done. I don’t see how that invalidates what Jesus has done here. But silly claims need to be confronted. The secular is so wrong so often it’s astounding and it’s up to Christians to confront, deny untruths and continue to hold up truth in Christ.

More and more real science, not the faithful evolution element of the “scientific” community is accepting an “Intelligent Design” paradigm. It’s up to us to confront the fallacious claims of the unscientific faithful and confront facts and not unsupported faith systems such as evolution.

[quotes from Answers Magazine p 12 Jan-March 2015 “Not So Sure After all”]

3 thoughts on “The faith of evolutionists and secular scientists won’t admit to any fallacies in their faith system

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  2. malmou

    It is better to say that the extraterrestrial presence of water is a necessary condition of life, but it is by no means a sufficient one.



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