Dharma’s talking to George, a dead Indian, she’s in the hospital’s chapel, spinning the “god dial”, she says no one is answering her, what will she do? How about getting serious, instead of playing with “to whom it may concern”, trying to cobble together a pantheon to be there for her purposes, maybe she could find out about God. Not the universe, which is an inert mass that doesn’t care if she’s alive or dead. Doesn’t control anything, including itself. Instead of playing games, isn’t time to get serious about the creator of the universe? How about sitting down and talking to someone who can seriously discuss, not some token mouthpiece like the one today who preached at the funeral of a 16-year old girl who committed suicide (granted I wouldn’t want to ever do that, but he was just so tedious and I don’t know, but …)

Anyway, have to give the dead Indian credit, when Dharma says she’s been praying to all these “gods”, he points oout “youv’e been praying to the creator of the universe, and you’re doing all the talking?

Worship notes – “real worship, not affected – dancing and clapping”. I’d much rather send you away read to battle, soldiers of the Cross, strengthened, not entertained.

Real service, right iin an area where many could use a hand

real pastor who has lived a life of work and service.

– Swindoll “You’re not ready to live until you’re ready to die. If you’re not read to die, you ought to be afraid”

– That we have eliminated God from the workplace seems to denote God as “bad, i.e.  He’s keeping us from what’s really important in life, what our real “god” is “mammon”.

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