Is there a Hell?

Running The Race


Is There a Hell?

By:  Norton Herbst


There is no religious topic more uncomfortable to talk about than hell. Is it real?

Maybe you’ve heard the old rule of thumb: “Never talk about politics or religion.” Well, that goes double for the sensitive subject of hell. Of all the topics related to religion, perhaps none is more uncomfortable than hell.

Sure, some revel in it. Seven hundred years ago, Dante waxed eloquently about hell in his epic poem The Divine Comedy. Today, passionate fanatics slam their fists, speak of fire and brimstone, and wave their street signs at all who might heed their warnings.

Others joke about hell. When playing their cross-town rivals, Duke University students chant, “Go to hell, Carolina! Go to hell!” And of course, hell has become the grand superlative: “the date from hell,” “the apartment from hell,” “the job from hell,” “the vacation…

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