A deeper look at if the Bible is reliable

A really good look at how the Bible’s account fits into history

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A Deeper Look at If the Bible Is Reliable

By:  Craig Keener, Ph.D.
© ExploreGod.com

Millions of people use the Bible as a guide for their everyday lives. But is it reliable?

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Scholars devote entire books to the question of the Bible’s historical reliability. For the sake of space and time, this essay will merely sample some work on three parts of the Bible: the time of the patriarchs; Israel’s history as recorded in 1 and 2 Kings; and Jesus’ time.1

Comparing Biblical Accounts with Their World

The question of historical reliability is relevant only to particular kinds of writings in the Bible. For example, one does not ordinarily speak of letters or parables as historically reliable. Clearly, however, many books of the Bible recount historical information.

The practice of history-writing developed over time, and some periods exercised…

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