Vocations that Christians would not be involved with?

I added some thoughts in the comment section, on the follow up comments in Forbes Magazine Mar 2, 2015

Pastor Jim Driskell

I’d like to think that I’d be surprised, maybe even shocked, that I see this. But to be frank, what surprises me is that it took this long, if it even did, this guy is just the one to actually make it happen.

Guy in question is Noel Biderman, who frankly by the picture in the article, looks like the kind of guy who thinks he’s so clever and is actually just kind of creepy and smarmy. Reason? Mr Biderman has established an on-line company: “…Ashley Madison a website that facilitates extramarital romance and sex. ‘There are times that I have told people, and that’s the end of the conversation.'” Again judging by the tone of the article he actually seems surprised by that. (Adam Tanner  Forbes Feb 9, 2015, pp 46-48).

The only other thing that actually does surprise me is the amount of revenue generated. Gross revenue…

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