God has your back, He doesn’t want to kick you in the back

Henry Blackaby observes that when Jesus encountered Pete on the shore of the Sea of Galilee He wasn’t there to bust on Peter, but He does push on Peter. God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit knows we are going to sin. God knows we are going to drop the ball and He’s not waiting in the weeds to pop out and bust us.

Having said that, it doesn’t give us an excuse to sin either. Heck you may mess up at work and while you didn’t get fired, you sure don’t want to mess up again. I’m not saying God is Donald “You’re fired” Trump but it is more like a relationship. I don’t want to hurt my wife, I want to please my wife. If I do something to hurt her I don’t want to do it again, make the same mistake. It is comforting to know that Jesus knows we will fail and He does provide for that sin and brings us back to Him in repentance. We are forgiven and God not only forgives but helps us to recover from our sins. He brings us back into His presence He helps us to refocus our life and recover from where we sinned and puts us back onto the track of life He wants us on. There’s no doubt where He wants us is far better than where we are going to chose. He has our back, He is there to love and support us and put us back where we belong when we grieve Him in sin. But that is certainly not a license to sin.  We want to please Him who gives us so much. We will fumble and sin but then He brings us back, dusts us off, tell us that www are His and then puts us back where we belong.  I don’t want to disappoint my wife and I don’t want to disappoint God.

Henry and Richard Blackaby  “Experiencing God Day by Day” p 86

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