Serving those who’ve served

I have decided to label the following a continuing campaign to highlight what good many Christians do in contrast to the stereotype some non-Christians like to apply that Christians are somehow cheap or provincial. The fact of the matter in reality is quite contrary and if anything much is done that no one ever knows about. If you don’t read Forbes Magazine, which you should, you would not have seen an article on B. Wayne Hughes. Hughes is a billionaire from building a chain of self storage facilities named “Public Storage”. (Katia Savchuk Forbes Magazine, Dec 2014 p 36)

He cashed out of the business world to be a cattle rancher, but decided to take it a step further. He used his “sprawling ranch in central California” to run “‘Fight Club’ a faith-based program Hughes runs for veterans with PTSD,…”

During the day, for a week “…he and a handful of veterans went zip-lining, rode horses and raced ATVs.” They would have different classes on such things as character  He has hosted over 500 active duty and veterans since 2012 and expects to increase that number next year. This was prompted

Yea, I know, he can afford it and he has the time, probably. But he did it, after hearing a report that an “…an average of 22 veterans were committing suicide every day.” Unlike most everyone else who talks a good game but rarely does anything, he put up. God bless him.

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