Who Let me Down?

Faith Unlocked

The world lets me down:
I should not be surprised.
My brother lets me down
No longer looks into my eyes.

But should I expect more
From our fallen sinful world?
We have all let our Father down:
Every man, woman, boy and girl.

I have let my Creator down –
Wasted everything I’ve got:
My time, my money, gifts and love.
My purpose in life? I forgot.

Who failed first? My brother or I?
Irrelevant – we’re both in sin.
What matters more is that I try not to fail God
In telling my brother of Him.

Telling of His love, His son born and died
That we, unworthy mankind, might live;
A princely servant humbled, scourged, marked and killed,
The greatest which gift our God could give.

A cloak of righteousness to cover our sins,
in robes of perfect majesty
Who let me down? Not the world, nor…

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