Firefighters and Emergency Medical System providers

I was very honored and humbled to lead in prayer at the Firefighters and EMS Memorial observance for the second year here in York. October is National Fire Prevention Awareness Month and the York Firefighters take this time those who have died in the line of duty serving the residents of York. I would like to share both my Invocation and the “Fireman’s Prayer” and “EMS Prayer”:

“Fireman’s Prayer”
In the Name of God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen
Father we ask for Your blessings on this memorial, this time of Rememberance. Lord You promise that You are faithful and merciful, especially showing mercy to those who have been merciful. We trust that those You have guided to act in mercy and who made the ultimate sacrifice are now in peace and comfort in Your presence.
We ask Lord that you bless and preserve the families of those have have made the ultimate sacrifice. Help them to be assured that they are with You, that they are in perfect bliss, not in any pain or suffering, but restored, strong and fulfilled in You.
We ask Lord that You bless, strengthen and protect brother and sister firefighters and EMS. We thank You Lord for those who stand ready to serve, protect and sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice. We are blessed to have men and women that rush in to danger to rescue, while we rush to safety. We trust Lord that You have a special heart and a special place for those who serve in Your Kingdom to protect and serve on a daily basis and often in the face of hazard and danger.
Father we ask that You give each of these men and women the peace and comfort of the knowledge that You watch over and protect each one and that in times of danger that Your Holy Spirit is with them giving them the bravery to confront danger and the peace of knowing that they are in Your Sovereign will acting according to Your will.
We dedicate this memorial today as a constant and strong reminder of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in bravery and service to their fellow man. We pray this in the strong and powerful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

EMS Prayer
As I perform my duty Lord
Whatever be the call,
Help to guide and keep me safe
From dangers big and small.
I want to serve and do my best
No matter what the scene,
I pledge to keep my skills refined,
My judgment quick and keen.
This calling to give of myself
Most do not understand,
But I stand ready all the time
To help my fellow man.
To have the chance to help a child
Restore his laugh with glee,
A word of thanks I might not hear,
But knowing is enough for me.
The praise of men is fine for some,
But I feel truly blessed,
That you oh Lord have chosen me
To serve in EMS!
L. Lipps

I ask that you keep all those who serve to protect us, who often risk their lives and sometimes sacrifice their life in that service: Police, Firefighers, EMS, Military, please keep them and their families in your prayers

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