Why I keep trying to participate in triathlons.

Someone recently asked in a blog and at least a couple of people asked during the race a couple of days ago “why do we keep on doing this?”

I’ve been trying to do two triathlons a year since 1985. Can’t say I’ve succeeded, but I’ve come close.  A recent goal has developed in trying to do a race in every state. So far I’ve gone from Maine to Virginia going south and to Kansas in the west with the exception of Indiana. Haven’t figured out that one yet, but God seems to provide. I certainly try to keep in shape by challenging myself by doing two a year. But to stop would be conceding that I’m getting too old. It’s too easy to slip into some comfortable, yet tedious routine.  Who gets up at 4am to be on time at a race? It doesn’t hurt me and if anything puts me in the company of those who do want to strive to push themselves.  I’m trying to put this in terms of honoring God of doing it for His glory, all I can really come up with is that, like everything He gives me all I have and I dishonor Him by not using what He gives me to the best of my ability and to His glory. Maybe He has only given me mediocre talents to push me beyond them. (Not so sure I’m doing that, but give me credit for determination)

I’m still capable, I still have other goals. I’d love to do “Escape to Bermuda” and a race in Puerto Rico, maybe Cancun, Israel,  Belize. As long as I can, I should keep doing it, if God has given me the strength, stamina, perseverance, I’d also like to think I’m honoring and doing this to His glory. But yea there’s an element of ego. I was not the oldest person on the course by any means, so it can be done further in age then I am now, so why stop? Why give up on something that keeps me some what fit, keeps me in company with people who challenge me and lift me up and in which I still have other goals? So I guess the real question is why stop?

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