2 thoughts on “Lonelier, Less connected, even in the digital age

  1. cdenninger

    and today I just sent out the survey to the group of SED Pastor’s wives who have been part of a 3 month study to determine if an online relationship moves us to connections that allow better sharing and mentoring– so that discipleship has the authentic possibility of being created among this group– will be interested in seeing the research ( part of my capstone project for CUC.)


    1. Pastor Jim Driskell, Lutheran Church Post author

      I’d be interested in seeing the results of that research too, in terms of sharing and mentoring to compensate for distance between people, the internet is a great resource. The internet is a great tool and for those who can’t always be with the people who are important to them, it’s a great way to stay in touch. But I think we all know people who have let things like FaceBook become a substitute for person to person relationships. But by the same token cyber space can cut through a lot of barriers that make it difficult to build relationships.
      While I was in the private sector, I was a member of a group of Christian business people who wanted to live out their Christian life in the workplace as well as at church and at home. I feel very strongly about this ministry and am trying to get something like that going here in York. LinkedIn has been invaluable in linking to people in York, we have a group on LinkedIn “Christian in the Workplace” which has 137 members, who feel the same inspiration that I do. I have no doubt that a pastor’s wife would find an outline group of fellow wives in the district an invaluable resource.



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