A case for being Christian in the workplace. This is from an episode of “Boston Legal”, maybe a little cheesy using a television show, it does give a perspective into the legal and corporate world.




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“This isn’t the time to be anti-American”, quoting a lawyer on Boston Legal, yea, I know it’s a television show, but is it really hard to imagine that this is the mind set of most people in the business world, in the legal world, in government? It’s interesting that the opposing lawyer, rather dramatically pointed out what anyone who has an inkling of knowledge of American history, that we are, have been a very Christian nation, right from the beginning.

Jimmy Carter born again Christian, Ronald Reagan said his favorite book was the Bible, “We are guided by a power higher than ourselves,” – George W Bush. “I say a prayer before I pitch” – Curt Schilling.

The young lawyer points out: “With the Enrons, Worldcoms, stealing from their investors, what is wrong with today’s business leaders introduce a little spirituality into the workplace?” He goes on to say: “We are a Christian nation … when Martin Luther King said “Free at last”, it was “God almighty free at last”. This is who we are, we are a Christian nation…”

It really is bizarre, the antagonist lawyer was trying to make a case that introducing Christianity in the workplace was somehow oppressive and that his client was being oppressed. The man being sued, the owner of the company, made the case as to why he wanted to bring some Christian ethics into the workplace, that being the company that he owned. “I began to notice that many of our employees were engaged in borderline unethical conduct- nondisclosure, conflict of interest. I didn’t like it. Add to that there seemed to be some evidence of moral decay.” “Moral decay” the opposing attorney asks with an air of condescension, this is the tired old nonsense that “non-Christians” like to trot out, “who are you to decide ‘moral decay’?” Basically saying you’re just supposed to be stupid and ignore immorality in your own business. The businessman explains that “moral decay” was adultery going on in the office.

I’ve been in workplaces where that has happened, and it was known. You want to find a way to undermine office discipline and morale, that’s a good way of doing it. Aggrieved spouses become part of the workplace, people take sides, it’s ridiculous. This man was trying to find a pro-active way of stopping this, not to mention potential legal action against him. Let’s face it in this litigation happy society, having any part in something like that makes you vulnerable.

He goes on to say “there just seemed to be a bankruptcy of values in the workplace.” No really? The attorney says that it is anti-American to be Christian! What?! The American system of government is based on Christianity, the original states of the union were founded by Christians, because of their Christianity and to perpetuate their Christianity. People you assume to be educated, who either are liars, or presume to talk about what they don’t know, continue to try to make the case that the United States and by extension the workplace are supposed to be atheistic. In this scenario, a man is making a pro- active attempt to introduce ethical behavior, based on our Judeo Christian ethic, which should be applauded in a society that has become so corrupt in business, the legal system, government, really every institution. This was one man who was trying to turn back the tide, in at least his little sphere of influence. Imagine if we all took that initiative?

This program was produced before the 2008 economic meltdown which is still being untangled and was so directly associated with abuse and illegalities throughout our banking/finance system. Trying to exclude Christianity, from what was founded and perpetuated as a Judeo-Christian society is simply a naked attempt to reduce our society to a Darwinian world, where the only thing that matters is survival of the fittest. In today’s world to be the “fittest” is to control the most assets and power and there are people in the world who will not let things like ethics, our personal relationship with Jesus, those who are trying to live ethical, Christ-centered lives get in the way of their grasping for power. For those of us who are Christians, who are from a spiritual line of people who have sacrificed so much for 2,000 years, don’t we owe it to those who went before us and our children to stand up for Christ in every part of our life?


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