In His time and His way

Henry Blackaby in his book “Experiencing God day by Day” talks about how different persons in the Bible had to wait on God, He made promises to them, but those promises would be fulfilled in His time not theirs. He talks about how Joshua was promised that he would conquer the Holy Land, despite long odds. After all was said and done Joshua looked back and realized what an amazing work Yahweh had done. The same can be said for Abraham and Sarah, David, Moses. Looking back on my own life, I realize what amazing things that God has done in my life. But I’ve noticed that He usually works very subtly. True Yahweh parts the Red Sea for Moses, and does other supernatural works, when necessary. But God has made a universe that is extraordinary and also very structured. Most scientist today will agree that the universe looks like it has been designed to be the way it is. All the forces of nature, all of creation are just so extraordinary, so why would God normally step out of His extraordinary creation?

Since He set up the universe His way, it makes sense that He is going to operate in that universe according to the way He set it up. God has done amazing things in my life, I’m sure He’s moved in your life too. I’ve often looked back, journaled about what He has done after the fact and been in awe of the things He has done.

Take some time and really look back on your life. Quit being so presumptuous thinking that God has to swoop in like Superman and save the day. He is going to do what is necessary, but also in a way that you will grow as His disciple.  God won’t jump through hoops and perform for you. It’s not about you, it’s about glorifying our God who has done so many amazing things in our lives. ImageImage

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