Prayer is our connection to God and to the Body of Christ

Prayer is our privilege to come into God’s presence. It’s not really elective, God expects it. Not in a legalistic do such and so. But in a way like talking to your parents, your spouse, your children. God doesn’t “need” our prayers, but He makes it so we “get” to pray to Him and He honors and listens to our prayer.

Praying the Psalms is an excellent way to pray. David Rosage in his book “Rejoice in Me” writes: “WE pray the psalms regularly and repeatedly in order to experience the power and presence, the loving car and concern, which the Lord has for each one of us.

Praying the psalms repeatedly transforms our hearts and minds. It helps us form deep and strong Christlike habits and patterns which influence our attitudes and actions.

One special habit which constantly needs augmenting is our trust and confidence in our loving Father and in his plans for us.

It is so eaSy for us to fear, doubt, or even mistrust the Lord when hardships and difficulties, when pains and suffering, descend upon us. Let us listen to what the inspired writer says to us this week about rust in God.” (p 201 )

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