Awake not woke Noelle Merig on how the culture undermines masculinity

Sexual revolution has encouraged women to engage in what they don’t want so they have become calloused, have felt used and not cared for.

Has encouraged men to become licentious to become weak, leads to abuse of others for their own pleasure, which leads to evidence of smashing the patriarchy. criticized for their abuse, even though they’ve been told to be concerned with their pleasure including abusing others most who are defenseless. So we condemn men as a whole, supposedly rejecting true masculinity will get us out of this crisis, they’ve eradicated what true masculinity is.. Aquinas said “to be emasculated is to be a slave to pleasure to the point where you’re no longer willing to suffer.” To be a real man there is the same connection between suffering and masculinity that society needs and men need. This is a spiritual battle and has to be so resisted. Woke tries to be confusing, to simply trick. This is a lie and the response has to be to call out the lie and solely responding with truth. We have told a generation of people who cast blame on others for their circumstances and blaming others only exacerbates their problems, not solving them.

Every revolutionary wants to target the father. This is deeply spiritual, that authority of a father “a good father is not there to control them, but to empower them to lead their lives independently. A good father is gentle, but also strong. We’ve corrupted the image of the father in order to undermine our perception of The Father … Fathers are to be more like God the Father

A lot of people who are just parroting a script, that it is a thin ideology.

Leadership Institute Franciscan University of Steubenville

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