The Church is the Body of Christ, the Mother of those who are saved

This is a quote from Cyprian. The church was an important institution. The church was a place to get help, be heard, be with fellow believers in Jesus. It was a place where you deal with the realities of life. So many treat the church as a nice little place, but not to be taken seriously. In reality the church is very much where you can deal with the genuine issues of life, not the frivolous, transient issues. Too many refuse to deal with the real issues until it’s too late, much to their regret and those they care for.

Cyprian is a Church Father, one of the greatest thinkers in Christian history. Cyprian wrote: “He who has not the Church for his mother can no longer have God for his Father. If anyone could escape who was outside the ark of Noah, then he also may escape who shall be outside of the Church.

…Does anyone believe that this unity which comes from the divine strength and fits together with the heavenly Sacraments, can be divided in the Church and can be separated by the parting asunder of opposing wills? He who does not hold this unity does not hold God’s Law, he does not hold the faith of the Father and the Son, and he does not hold life and salvation. ..

…But because Christ’s people cannot be divided, His robe, woven and united throughout (John 19:23), is not divided by those who possess it; undivided, united, connected, it shows the united concord or our people who put on Christ. But the sacrament and sign of His garment, He has declared the unity of the Church” (Cyprian, On the Unity of the Church”, 6-7 quoted in A Year with the Church Fathers pp 279-280)

We are not entitled to divide God’s Church. You may not agree all the time, you may think things could be done differently, that does not entitle you to undermine the church’s ministry. Many today seem to feel they are entitled to undermine in order to make the church follow their ideas. They don’t seem concerned if they don’t know what they’re talking about and what damage is being done. They will be held accountable. God will not tolerate their hostility to His Church. If you have a well-founded issue and plan to conduct in your church, you are welcome to present it and discuss it. If you think it’s all about you and your opinion, that in itself should tell you how unfounded your proposal is. I get it, today people treat the church as a frivolous little social event. At the end times and the judgment, many will find how wrong they are and how they undermined the Body of Christ. They will be held accountable, and it won’t be good. If you commit the sin of division in the church, you will be judged severely.

Before you chose to make it about you and not about Jesus, you need to really think about what your doing. You may not think your actions are serious, but as I said, the sin of division is serious and those who commit will be held accountable.

Wes McAdams writes: “The book of James sheds a lot of light on what causes divisions. And the simple answer is, a lack of wisdom from above. James says, “Wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial, and sincere” (James 3:17). When we are not being peaceable, gentle, and open to reason, it is obvious we are lacking the kind of wisdom James is commending here.” ( If you are not looking for wisdom from above, then you are not being guided in Christ. If you allow yourself to be guided by anything/one but our Triune God you could well be condemning yourself. Proceed with caution. If you have something to discuss, propose, feel free to bring it to your pastor. He will probably give you some input you hadn’t thought of that is crucially important. Really think about what is motivating you; faith in Christ or your own ego or selfishness. If from there you can’t understand what is truly important, you might even consider where you really are in Jesus. Your salvation may not be what you think it is.

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