Truth takes precedence over love

Especially in the trite way that the culture likes to throw the “L” word, love, around. To the culture there is no truth, and everything is just an antinomian understanding of “love”, love is the truth and it’s all about loving me, so that’s all I need to know.

Continually reading, listening to Christian radio, podcasts, is really important and it is one of the first radio broadcast ministries that I listened to back in the late 1980s that reminded me of this truth. This answers the spurious claims of the contemporary culture. Dr J Vernon McGee is not exactly the most scholarly, but he really does have a knack of getting right to the nub of the issue and when he was discussing this, I had one of the ah-ha moments. It should have been long ago, but apparently I heard in God’s time and will trust that. His program is “Through the Bible” in case you want to check it out for good Bible teaching.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” Notice Jesus emphasizes these over “love”. These should result in love, but we have to know the truth in Christ, before the love of Christ will mean anything. Jesus’ truth is to salvation, eternal life, to genuine life in the world. The world’s love is whatever pleases us at the moment and well gee gosh everyone has to accept that. Actually it’s more about violence, destruction, and lies. That’s what the world sees as “truth”, regardless of how destructive it is.

Dr McGee goes on to explain that love can only be properly and sufficiently expressed in the bounds and context of truth. Love is expressed in the boundaries and limitations that the truth of Scripture sets.

Dr McGee was in his intro to the epistle of 2 John. He also went on to discuss that we need to not have anything to do with the false teacher. Kind of a separate issue, but it is important. I come to learn that most of the blather of the world doesn’t require response, it’s vacuous and pointless and quickly forgotten by those involved and is simply not worth the time and effort to respond. I grew up in a rather feisty world(s) and have never been known to be shy. This is not about being shy, this is about not giving any credibility to blather by responding to it. If I assert the truth of Christ, anyone can easily see the difference. They may still go with the lie, but they will do it in dishonesty. They have been given the truth, if they reject it that is on them and they condemn themselves.

The truth of Christ is what guides us, within that truth we know we know Christ’s love and can love others in His truth. Anything else is phony, vacuous, a lie in order to avoid the truth in Christ.

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