1 thought on “Public Trust of Pastors at an All-Time Low | Facts & Trends

  1. Pastor Jim Driskell, Lutheran Church Post author

    While I’m sure Roman Catholic priests have contributed to the problem, I’m sure that the clergy that prefer to make a circus out of being Christian ministry are probably the bigger issue. Or for that matter clergy who treat ministry as social work, or social causes. Certainly too are the ones who hang out a shingle claiming to be clergy and have nothing substantive to back the claim up with. Too many think that they are some kind of pastor and have no training, have not been vetted in anyway, aren’t accountable to anyone. Perhaps the public needs to take a little responsibility and figure out that the people they accept as clergy are sufficiently trained as such. Not “Bible School” graduates who have more training in marketing, or people, like a certain congressman, who claims that he was ordained by the Holy Spirit at 7 years of age. Really? Christian clergy have a vitally important role to fill. I’ve been a pastor for the last 8 years, have also been a police chaplain. Have had to deal with accidental deaths, drug overdoses, suicides, homicide, personal assaults. Getting out of bed 0200 hours to comfort and assist someone. Yea, the guys who like to put on shows aren’t going to do that, they put on the performance that they’ve put all their effort into all week, and aren’t interested or trained in any kind of genuine ministry. Maybe the public needs to be a lot more critical in who they trust as clergy. Does this guy have some substance, training, experience? Or is he someone that once in awhile I go to be entertained by? Certainly people aren’t hesitant to call me when the situation is real and they want someone else to assist them. Try that with other “professions”.



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