What’s the Point?

This is really good


Walking around New York, I often find myself just realizing that, if I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t be able to see God anywhere.

I mean, if I weren’t looking for Him, God seemsnowhere.

Sure, I’ll walk past the occasional church that isempty, minus a few fanny-pack-wearing tourists snapping pictures on their iPads.


But, real talk:there just isn’t a lot ofGod out there to be found in our culture.

There’s just a whole lot ofother stuff to occupy our time and our minds: the Olympics, summer blockbusters, the NFL, the latest Kimye/Taylor drama, back to school shopping, the presidential election,you name it – our culture exists in a spiritual wasteland, if I’m being really honest.

And for as incredible as NYC is, truthfully, it exemplifies this hyper godless environment.

But sometimes, when I’m walking along, dodging Pokemon Go players and briefcase-touting-powerwalkers on the sidewalks…


…I sometimes…

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