V Card


OK. It’s time we talk about virginity.

*Takes a shot of whisky.*

Scratch that.

It’s time we talk aboutmy virginity.

*Takes another shot. Slams down the glass.*


Ok.Now I feel prepared to take on this topic.

Allow me to set the stage:

Saturday night. 4 am. The sun is just starting to rise and the sky is that dusty heather gray color. NYC looks just like they try to portray it in the movies – a sleeping giant with steep buildings, daring the sun to challenge its dominance.

And I’m bleary eyed, mascara stained, just sobbing. I’m in my pjs. The beautiful, sparkly dress and heels I wore that evening, crumpled in a pile on the floor — along with my dignity.

Pause. NO I did not “do it.”Although, reading that back, it kinda sounds like the beginning of a cheap romance novel…

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