silly boomers

This is so right on. The church has it right, but gets too caught up in following the world. The church needs to stand up and take the lead. The world has always had it wrong why on earth should we follow its lead in worship?


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lutheran Baby Boomer,




I hear you say a lot of things about people my age in the church, people 30 and under. I hear you say them and I really am listening–mostly–but in my head, I’m usually thinking,  “WHAT?” and “Aw heck.” and “Here we go again.”

That’s because you’re being silly.

It’s silly to say, “Our church needs to cater to the younger crowd.” No, you don’t. You are not the crowd whisperer. The crowd either (a) wants the good stuff, so there’s no need to cater, or (b) isn’t going to like the good stuff whether you cater to it or not. This isn’t grade school. You don’t have to try to be hip and cool so that others will like you. Just be you. Be Lutheran. It’s quite freeing.

Plus, when you start catering, you make yourself inconsequential because you’re just…

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