Christians vocations in the legal/political process

Dr Gene Veith in his book God at Work continues on his discussion about Christians vocation as a citizens. “That nations have laws, just as God has laws, is another example of how the spiritual realm is, in a sense, hidden in the secular realm. the two kinds of laws are not the same, one bearing earthly and social, and the other being transcendent and moral. Still, they are related. Human laws derive their authority from God’s law.” (p 104)

I do find it ironic how secular humanists are more than happy to impose laws, usually far more than are necessary, trying to regulate every aspect of our lives, while trying to portray others as trying to control others lives. Ya, anyway, the irony being that law does come from God, we as Christians and everyone else are obliged to obey laws. Now we as Christians often fuss over the abuse of the legislative and judicial process of the left, but frankly way too many on the right simply have walked away from the political process. Being a Christian does not somehow exempt you from those processes, if anything since the Law is from God, we’re more obligated to make sure it’s not abused by secular humanists who seem to know no other way, ironically, but by the use of the imposition of the law and force. Also ironically enforced by Christians who truly are serving, but being taken advantage of by the secular humanists who claim that the police are abusing the Law. Confused? Yea frankly me too and yet hey here we are.

Dr Veith points out that while “there is no biblical commandment about stopping for red lights, but there is a command to love our neighbors. Obeying the traffic laws prevents cars from running into each other and people getting hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities ‘not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience’ (Rom 13:5) (p 104) As Christians we are required to render obedience to those in authority over us, as Paul points out, it’s God who put those people in that authority. As citizens of the United States, we also have a duty to see that our government does work properly and is not abused and taken advantage of. I’m not trying to get into 1980’s version of Christian activism, although they were certainly entitled, but the means sometimes didn’t justify the ends. As citizens part of our vocation is to participate in the political process, not avoid it, just as we are to participate in the military and law enforcement, to bring our Christian ethics into the process. We are called to do this, and not ignore it, anymore than we are called to ignore our Christian vocation in our employment life.

“…God’s Law, though, encompasses things human laws cannot. God’s Law judges the inner recesses of the human heart. Human law simply regulates outward behavior.” (p 105) As Christians we faithfully follow God’s leading in all aspects of our lives and certainly living under government, especially in one regulated by legislative law in a democratic republic. We cannot use some flimsy excuse that the political/legal system is below us as Christians. God implemented both and did not intend for us to take a pass.

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