Anybody Want to Rumble Over Doctrine?

Running The Race

noun: doctrine; plural noun: doctrines
  1. a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church, political party, or other group.
    “the doctrine of predestination”

It is commonly reported that the great evangelist George Whitfield once had the following conversation with a coal miner in Cornwall, England. The conversation apparently started when the preacher asked the man what he believed about his Faith and The Bible:

“Oh, he said, “I believe what my church believes.”
Whitfield then inquired, “And what does your church believe?”
“Well,” he answered, “The church believes what I believe.”
Seeing that he was getting nowhere, Whitefield then asked, “What do you both believe?”
“We both believe the same thing.”

The question arises: Does doctrine really matter? Ask a range of Christians that question and you will get as many answers as people you ask.

On one side of the spectrum are…

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