Do you know Jesus as your Lord, or are you just a “fan”?

Pastor Jim Driskell

Mr. Brodsky submits that enthusiasm is about something that happens outside of you, whereas passion comes from within. Ok. Mr Brodsky talks about going to a Rolling Stones concert and seeing Mick Jagger perform. You have to admire the fact that a man of his age and his wealth, he can still bring it. He doesn’t have to, but Norm suggests that Jagger’s music is his passion and so “he has to do it in order to feel alive…” Likewise Brodsky’s passion is building a business, that it really is about him, that is what moves him. I’ve preached about this before in terms of are you in love with Jesus, are you passionate about Jesus, or are you a fan, are you just enthusiastic? Do you live your life in Jesus because He is what moves you, what motivates you, is your reason for life? Or is He a…

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