7 ways to not be a jerk to your wife

As Christian husbands we are expected to bear the heavier load.

Running The Race


Not a guest post but some great thoughts on marriage from Husband Revolution

If you’re a Christian husband, you should think and pray on these words.

It’s not even 11 AM, and twice today my wife, Cetelia, has irritated me.

The first time happened about two hours ago when she spoke to me like she would speak to one of our kids. I didn’t appreciate the “motherly” tone in her voice.

The second time happened about 20 minutes ago when I felt she lectured me for having an opinion. Honestly, I’m still a little miffed as I write. But, that is precisely the reason I’m writing while miffed. There’s a lesson in there.

In my heart I heard the Lord say, “Just because you didn’t like the way she treated you doesn’t mean you can be a jerk towards her.”

Boom. End of story. Checkmate.

As much as I didn’t…

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