Are you a Christian hyper-skeptic?

Running The Race


According to Bill Pratt at Tough Questions Answered, a hyper-skeptic is someone who will not ever consider any evidences, arguments, or reasoning given for Christianity.

In case you are wondering if you are a hyper-skeptic, here are a few of the warning signs.

· You don’t need to read anything actually written by Christian scholars, because you are just smarter than they are (and you’ve heard it all before).

· You think it’s doubtful that Jesus ever lived.

· You believe that Christian apologists are lying most of the time.

· You actually think that the evidence for a flying spaghetti monster is as good as the evidence for the Christian God.

· When you read a blog post written by a Christian, you aren’t reading for understanding; you’re reading to find isolated phrases or sentences that you can attack.

· You believe that Antony Flew renounced atheism only…

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