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tumblr_meustnagvf1rfi6aso1_500Building a life in Christ is very much like building a house or any other building; it must have a proper foundation. A life that is built on a foundation of popular culture is like a building that is built upon shifting ground with no firm foundation at all, for popular culture is anything but consistent. Pop culture shifts with the latest winds, and the winds are always changing. The very sad thing is that so many lives are constructed and built upon pop culture…

A real life is built upon the firm and sound foundation of the Word of God, and it is anchored to that foundation with God’s love for us.

As we go through life, our experiences and understanding of our faith is like adding rooms to the house, one by one, until our house becomes a great one. Some of those…

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1 thought on “Building a Life

  1. Pastor Jim Driskell, Lutheran Church Post author

    Thanks Crusty. That firm foundation is really understanding God’s Word, not what you want it to be, but what God’s will is. It’s also proper workshop, it’s not about you, it’s about God. When we worship Him He gives us the sustenance the nutrition, the fortitude to deal with the world in Jesus. You can’t just make it up, because then it’s about you and not about God. You may think you’re God, but when you come into His presence and realize you’re not, it’s going to be tough for you.



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