A warning on sugar coating the truth

Been way too much sugar-coating, avoiding the truth, trying to “sell” God instead of preaching His perfect, infallible Word. We aren’t doing God, ourselves our anyone who looks to us for Christian leadership by making Christianity less than it is. We have the promises and hope that God gives us, we especially remember that Jesus, God the Son, gave up heaven to live a life like ours. Emmanuel He who is God, but still lived like a humble servant. He served us in His perfect life and freed us in His death that was a sacrifice for all of us. These are hard truths and as Christians we are all called to live that truth, through the trials and through the glories and triumphs too. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is a great, serious and powerful God who is guiding us through life so that we will trust and follow Him and be saved in His Son our Lord Jesus the Christ.

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