Failure, not the final frontier, often just the beginning.

Unless someone was trying to dodge God (think Jonah trying to slip off to Spain instead of going to Nineveh as God told him to do)and of course straight out sin, I can’t think of an instane in Scripture when someone is marked as a “failure”. When we are doing God’s will we can’t fail. In fact I think I think it would be an oxymoron. If God is guiding us we can’t “fail”.

Pastor Jim Driskell

There is such a sensitivity to failure. People today are almost hypervigilant about being “safe”, playing it “safe”. Frankly I hear the word safe/safety so abused I just want to cringe from embarrassment, because there are so many who cringe in fear. Do the reading, in Christian history, any kind of history. Say what you will, but there is a lot of courage in the business world. Reading an article in Forbes, Warren Buffets children said that he expect them to fail, if they weren’t failing at some point then they weren’t really doing what needed to be done.

Where would we be if people like Columbus, Edison (I’m sure you’ve heard it took 500 attempts for him to get the incandescent light right), the American Founding Fathers. There have been a lot of people who’ve tried but failed, but who should probably be recognized just because they made the…

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