Man, Stares…Into Mirror…The Feminine Looks Back

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • When Reasoning BowsTo Feelings
  • The king’s throne begins emptying
  • Abandoned, Queen Random rules
  • Without boundaries, her subjects
  • Turn jesters and fools
  • They soften, never do as they should
  • Obsoletebecomes the roar of manhood
  • Too worried about painful hurt
  • Actively avoiding gainful work
  • Facing backwards, movement is inert
  • Feelings replacecommonsense
  • How can a Queen be a queen
  • Married to a mereprince
  • When the King’s phallus
  • No longer dominates
  • The chalice impregnates, sterility
  • The spirit haunting the lofty palace
  • Once respect, turns to malice
  • Justice, rendering equality among All
  • A business of sanity and sanctity
  • Becomes Favor’s monster’s ball
  • Disappointment antes its gall
  • Weirdness does the qualifying and recruiting
  • The volunteers are the venal Rasputins
  • Happy feelings rule the day
  • Frenetically feeding on sport and play
  • The scientists babble fool to fool
  • Debating whose university is the better school
  • As long as it feels good, sounds good
  • Theorizing every smooth sounding

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