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Player with brain tumor fulfills basketball dream

I wish sometimes that I could be more gracious about some things, more “understanding”, yea I get it, people have different opinions. Why is it that simply because one random person has a “different” opinion and it all of a sudden becomes valid? Just watching NBC news. A commentator makes the observation in terms of “assisted suicide”, that Dr Jack Kevorkian scared people, but now they have a spokesman who is young, attractive, articulate and as of today dead. Brittany Maynard had brain cancer and chose to commit suicide and she chose to do it in the public spotlight to raise the discussion on “assisted suicide”. It’s as if it’s OK, it’s an act to be applauded, one thing’s for sure Ms Maynard is no longer the spokesperson. How does someone put someone on a pedestal has affirmed quitting, death doesn’t accomplish a thing, except to make a martyr. How do you make a martyr out of someone who chose death rather than have it imposed on them? Ms Maynard was used by a group of people with a death agenda, who are still otherwise alive and planning the next step of their agenda.

Lauren Hill has a brain tumor. Lauren is a freshman at Ohio State University and just played her first NCAA basketball game. God bless her, she’s still out there trying, she’s still living. She’s young, attractive, probably articulate, but yea, she’s not getting the kind of press from the culture of death that Ms Maynard got. I readily found the information on Ms Maynard, took a lot more work on Ms Hill. Ya some people will try to shut me up by saying that you don’t know. I have to say one thing, I hope I will be as tough as a nineteen year old woman. I have given it some thought and I feel very strongly that while I had time to live there is so much that could be done. Death was never God’s will, we were not made to die, we were made to live. It’s only through our sin and selfishness that we bring on death. Why compound the sin and waste what time God has given men? While we live we have the opportunity to live for God and our fellow man, to do good works and reach those who the Holy Spirit moves us to reach. Death is never the answer, only in life can we make a difference. Ms Hill will be an inspiration for many playing basketball. Ms Maynard will be an inspiration being dead?

Pastor Jim Driskell

October 18, 2014

Couple of milestones, first I neglected to observe my 3,000th view, I know for a lot of “real” bloggers, you get that in a month. Took me a year, but I really appreciate the support of those who check out my blogs.

Second, my first reader from the Russian Federation, that is sooooo cool, it’s great to see you, it would be great to hear from you. God bless and please let me know what you think, which of course goes for anyone who checks out my blogs. Good, bad or indifferent, I really do appreciate the time some folks take to read and comment and it really does help me.

God bless and I hope we can be great blog buddies.

Ciao bella Italia. I just had a reader from Italy. I never really thought about it, but since I started doing this blog, I’ve had…

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