“Do no harm” – A catchy slogan but a horrible basis for morality

Running The Race


Earlier today an atheist who rejects the idea that objective morality exists (odd he thinks I am objectively horrible and immoral) told me that.

“Morality has nothing to do with god. If you link the term morality with the wellbeing of others then there’s no longer any mystery. Objective morality is a made up term. Subjective morality exists – which is the concept that something is defined right or wrong based on its subjective impact on another person. If you take god out of the equation, if something causes someone harm, then it will still be defined as bad, regardless of objective morality. We can work that our for ourselves unless you’re saying that harming someone would be acceptable to all of us if god didn’t exist?”

Basing a standard of morality on doing no harm to others may sound good, but is it?

Fact: God cannot be removed from…

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