Christian contemporary music.

Contemporary Christian music is a genre that just doesn’t get enough consideration. There are great artists that do such inspiring, uplifting, compelling music. Yea, there are some that just kind of do Christian mantras, and I think that is something that has run its course and we are back to deep, meaningful music. The above link is to Natalie Grant, just an amazing voice and music that tells of the great love of Jesus.
I like the insight one of the parishioners here made about contemporary Christian music, he suggested that you count the number of personal pronouns; I, me, mine. Gives you an idea of whether the song in question is about Jesus and He who is our Lord and Savior, or is it all about me and what I want. So you do need to be a little discerning, is it a piece about Him, or just about me?
Christian music has been great art through the centuries, at least since Bach and even Gregorian chant can be a great way to worship and praise the Lord. I’m not knocking the hymns of the past centuries and they have their place in worship as a way to reinforce the teaching in the worship service. I’ve been to Bach concerts, I’ve been to contemporary Christian concerts, both edify, teach and inspire. But give the Natalie Grant site a click and enjoy an artist who surely is inspired.

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