God’s Not the Bad Guy

I should’ve written this! Great job and thanks.

The Ramblings of a Crusty Old Sailor


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A pastor up in the Northeast asked me if I wanted to go have steak after the Sunday morning service. Asking me if I want steak is like asking a child if they want candy. Of course I wanted to have steak, I love steak! After the morning services, he took me to a steak house that is only located in that region of the country. I was so looking forward to having a steak. The waitress took our order and then told us it would be a few minutes. Finally, the waitress brought our steaks to the table. The juices in my mouth were just exploding with the anticipation of biting down into a delicious steak. After prayer, I cut into my steak and took a bite. To my dismay, the steak was horrible. It was like eating raw leather. The steak was tough…

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