Lonlier, Less connected, even in the digital age

Pastor Jim Driskell

I think we all have intuitivelly understood the following, but I think that the “Barna Group” research organization has articulated what at least I’ve suspected: “…some household structures struggle more than others, singles and divorcees, in particular. “The simple fact is that ‘unmarried America’ perceives itself to be lonelier, more indebted and more aspirational about getting ahead in life than the married cohort of Americans,” Kinnaman says. “While marriage is not a realistic option for everyone, the nation’s continued shift away from marriage as the standard household type to one of digitally connected tribes of ‘friends’ is going to have significant impact on the psychographics of the nation in the next decade.”
He continues: “As a nation, we are embracing the digital revolution and, ironically, we are becoming a lonelier population. While there are many benefits of being participants in possibly the most relationally connected age in human history…

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