I don’t need church to believe!

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I’ve heard people say things like that often, how about you?  It’s an interesting idea, don’t you think?  I believe, so why should I have to deal with church…?

It is true when people say that they can worship God when they are all alone in Nature.  As a matter of fact, worshipping alone in Nature can be quite inspiring; a person can gain insight by having that experience, and I must say that I endorse it.

Consider this: Belief, worship and following Jesus are not the same thing.  Arlington 9413 063

It is true that I don’t need anybody else to believe.  I came to belief all by myself, in fact.  Belief normally brings a person to some sort of worship, and yes we can, and should worship God when we are alone.  Now we come to following Jesus; is that a solitary activity?

When Jesus commanded His disciples to follow…

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