Spirit, mind and body

Thanks to the York County Council on Aging for a great “Seniors Game”. I have to admit that it sort of bristles that I’m “old” enough to be in anything that refers to “seniors”, however the YCCA, AARP, various other organizations posit that I am “old” enough. It was fun though and I did pretty well, even won in backstroke, which I’ve never won anything at. So I won three silvers and one bronze, 100 yard free, 50 yard back, 50 yard breast and 100 yard breast.
The entire competition went awhile, started at 10am and ended at 3pm, but considering the events and age groups the volunteers made sure things went off bang, bang. Gave me time to chat with new friends, get some good tips, allowed me to reflect back to the competitions I did in school/YMCAs. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a swim meet and there was plenty of time to take it in and get that old feeling from many years ago.
We are very physical beings, when we die, assuming the Lord Jesus doesn’t return before then, we will be in spirit, but only for a short time. We were made to be physical beings. God put Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden intending that they should live there in a perfect, very physical world. That is what the resurrection will be. We will live in a world much like it is today, but Jesus will be our very visible light, we will be sinless, our bodies will be strong, there will be no illness, no physical disability or death. We will be as we were intended to be until we undermined God’s work with our sin and corruption.
Point being we were made to be very physical, in body, to use our minds for God’s glory and to have a spirit that transcends the world and by the Holy Spirit is guided into eternal life. As God’s children in Jesus we are responsible to use the gifts associated with body, mind and spirit to our best abilities and to the glory of God.
So yea, I try to make a good witness by trusting in God, being led by Him and doing the things that bring glory to Him in all the ways He made me, to rip off the YMCA, in spirit, mind and body. Having swum for YMCA teams, been a member, lifeguard, swimming instructor, phys ed instructor, aquatic director and filling various and sundry other jobs at the “Y”, and being a Christian organization, it’s always great to see that motto and remember all the things that God made us for.
It was fun to compete, it was fun to win some, but it was fun to just have a little God given ability and use it as He intended and maybe, just maybe be an example to someone else who might just decide; “it’s time to get back in there and do something to make myself stronger in body, mind and spirit.” I hope you will join me and share how you have decided, to make yourself stronger in all the gifts God gave you.

You don’t have to win, place but just show up for the challenge, the fellowship and to His glory.

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