Random thought

October 18, 2014

Couple of milestones, first I neglected to observe my 3,000th view, I know for a lot of “real” bloggers, you get that in a month. Took me a year, but I really appreciate the support of those who check out my blogs.

Second, my first reader from the Russian Federation, that is sooooo cool, it’s great to see you, it would be great to hear from you. God bless and please let me know what you think, which of course goes for anyone who checks out my blogs. Good, bad or indifferent, I really do appreciate the time some folks take to read and comment and it really does help me.

God bless and I hope we can be great blog buddies.

Ciao bella Italia. I just had a reader from Italy. I never really thought about it, but since I started doing this blog, I’ve had readers from, now, 25 different countries. (Yea, I’m including Canada as a foreign country). (Just kidding, love my Canadian cousins, ehhhh?). My great grandfather emigrated from Ireland to Canada and then down to Maine.
Anyway, thanks, I’ve had readers on every continent (if anyone in Russia or China would give a read that would be great, it would fill in my map nicely.)
It’s really cool that folks in so many other countries have had an interest and I really appreciate that everyone has taken time to some of my thoughts. So gracious, merci, dunka, etc

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