Kickboxing teaches you to cope and deal with stress and pressure.

ImageInc Magazine ran an article a few months ago talking about business people taking up boxing classes.(Christine Lagoria “Inc Magazine” June 2013 pp 34 -40) I found some of the comments interesting, David Chen (co-founder of NunaHealth): ” On a typical day, Chen spends up to 14 hours writing code; he started boxing as much to turn off his brain as to work on his body. ‘You don’t think about code,’ Chen says. ‘You don’t think about work. You think abut the best way to hit a bag. It makes me less neurotic.'” Hmmm, something to think about for you who say you are “oh too busy”, to find time to workout.Mitchell Zuklie (chairman of global law firm Orric…) “Zuklie says he started boxing after noticing a couple of his clients ‘looked more fit and seemed more comfortable in meetings.’

“What could be better than being punched in the face to learn about not avoiding conflict?” says Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life. He says that boxing helps him to “stay cool during confrontations.”

Since these are people who deal with a lot of pressure and stress and learning to box has been a great benefit to them, I’m sure you will find a benefit. Reason is this, as you can see from the picture (below) we have put together a modest little boxing gym in our building here. In addition, we have some talented people involved who can help you to learn the skills and to apply what you’ve learned to life. Jose Montalvo leads a group every weekday from 4pm to 6pm,, Jose is a 10th degree black belt in Akido. I’m certified as a kickboxing instructor and have been doing this for about the last 15 years. We have a new lady getting involved in the church (don’t tell her I told you, cuz I haven’t talked to her yet), but she is a brown belt and we have other people moving up and learning.

I do kickboxing on Thursdays between 3:30 and 5. Everyone is welcome to that, or if you have a different need, you are more than welcome to let me know (Pastor Jim Driskell) and I will do whatever I can to meet the need. This is great physical conditioning, mental conditioning and you know what even spiritual conditioning, check out the video on the church website where I talk about our classes  but you expect a trainer to push you (remember Burgess Meredith in Rocky) You want someone to push you, to help you to grow in body and mind. Well, how about a pastor that helps you grow in body, mind and spirit?

I’d like to talk to you more about it, we don’t charge for any of the classes/training, we have a lot of equipment here and you’re certainly welcome to bring your own. We see this as a way to meet, grow and become a group in Jesus up in the gym and down in the sanctuary. If you are interested. We are looking to start up again week of January 16, let us hear your questions, comments and requests for guidance. God bless and best wishes for a blessed New Year. Image

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