Evolution, creation, hot topics, but there’s an important reason why

I am not some wild eye fundamentalist fanatic, I am a Boston Red Sox fanatic, but when it comes to creation/evolution, I guess it might cause a reader to wonder. This is a long discussion, but the more I read, study, the more ludicrous this whole notion of evolution is.

I often tell those who want to debate me, they have more faith then I do. I know that there is an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, transcendant God, who is not subject to time and space and I have no problem believing that He created everything. Those who believe that the universe just blew up out of nothing with nothing to spark it or guide it, well that takes a lot of faith, to believe everything came from nothing. Those are the same people that like to think of themselves as oh so scientific and rational… Like I said, they have more faith than me. I know Who created all and Who sustains all.

The following is a very succinct description of same and I thought it was important to share. This is by Dr Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute, he has written some very good books on evolution and creation:

“Evolution is rightly dubbed ‘a fairy tale for grownups’, but I think it’s something much worse. i call it a cruel hoax! In fact, the arguments that support evolutionary theory are astonishingly weak. First, the fossil record is an embarrassment to evolutionists. No verifiable transitions from one kind to another have, as yet, been found. Darwin had an excuse. In his day, fossil finds were relatively scarce. Today, however, there is an abundance of fossils. Still, we have yet to find the projected wealth of transitions from kinds to other kinds.

Furthermore, in Darwin’s day, such enormously complex structures as a human egg were thought to be quite simple – for all practical purposes, little more than a microscopic blob of gelatin. Today, we know that a fertilized human egg is among the most organized complex structures in the universe. In an age of scientific enlightenment, it is incredible to think that people are willing to maintain that something so vastly complex and organized arose by chance. Lie an egg, the human eye or, for that matter, the earth is a masterpiece of precision and design that could not have come into existence by chance.

Finally, while chance is a blow to the theory of evolution,the laws of science are a bullet to its head. The basic laws of science – including the laws of effects and their causes, energy, conservation and entropy – undergird the creation model for origins and undermine the evolutionary hypothesis.

While we should fight for a person’s right to believe science fiction, we must resist evolving attempts to equate the ‘certainty’ of macroevolution (the evolution from one species to another species) with such scientific certainties as the law of gravity.”

(Hank Hanegraaff   Christian Research Institute Equip Volume 23, Number 4)

There is a God, He did create the universe, He did create man in His own image and He has revealed Himself to us in the Bible and through His Son Jesus Christ. That is the way it is, stop trying to cop out and misguide others, and face the fact of a Holy, loving God who created everything we need right here. Not only that, but He promises us an eternity in a very material world, in very material bodies, that will be perfect for eternity.

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