Intelligent Design, The Heavens declare the glory of God

King David, the memorable psalmist, wrote these words: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” (Psalm 19:1 ESV) The more we understand how incredibly complicated we are, the world is, the universe is, the more we realize that this could not have come together by accident, this had to be designed and so of course there had to be a designer.
Alister McGrath is a an internationally known Christian apologist, in his book Mere Aplogetics  discusses Intelligent Design “ID” in terms of “fine-tuning”:

“In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the phenomenon of ‘fine-tuning’ in nature. The term ‘fine-tuning’ is often used to refer to the scientific realization that the values of certain fundamental cosmological constants and the character of certain initial conditions of the universe appear to have played a decisive role in bringing about the emergence of a particular kind of universe, one within which intelligent life can develop. Many recent  scientific studies have emphasized the significance of certain fundamental cosmological constants, the values of which, if varied even slightly, would have significant implications for the emergence of human existence…

…The existence of carbon-based life on earth depends upon a delicate balance of physical and cosmological forces and parameters. Were any of these quantities slightly altered, balance would have been destroyed and life would not have come into existence. Sir Martin Rees, Britain’s Astronomer Royal and President of the Royal Society, has argued that the emergence of human life in the aftermath of the big bang is governed by a mere six numbers, each of which is so precisely determined that a miniscule variation in any of of them would have made both our universe and human life, as we know them, impossible…

…Spitzer suggests we imagine all the parameters of the universe – such as the speed of light in a vacuum, the gravitational constant, electromagnetic coupling and the masses of the elementary particles – are represented by the settings of the dials of some kind of ‘cosmic control panel’. The findings of modern cosmology imply that if the settings of these dials were to be nudged even very slightly we would not be here to discuss their significance. For example, if gravity or the weak force (two of the known forces of nature) were to be varied in strength by one part in 10 [to the 40th], the expansion of the universe would either be too explosive for galaxies or the universe would have collapsed. If a certain combination of the constants of gravity, electromagnetism and the ratio of electron to proton mass were varied by about one part in 10 [to the 19th], no main sequence stars such as our own sun would be able to form. If a precise nuclear resonance of the carbon atom did not align with the resonance of beryllium and a colliding helium nucleus (yet without aligning with a corresponding resonance in oxygen and helium), then there would be almost no carbon, the basis of life as we know it. Most dramatically, leading mathematician Roger Penrose has calculated that the entropy of the universe is such that our universe seems to exist in an absurdly precise state compared to the available range of possible values. So what are the apologetic implications of this remarkable fine-tuning?

The phenomenon of fine-tuning is widely conceded; all debates concern its interpretation. Atheist cosmologist Fred Hoyle was one of those to first appreciate the importance of these observations and their obvious theistic implications. It is, he wrote, as if ‘a super intellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and … there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature.’ Hoyle was an atheist, unsympathetic to the idea that God created the universe. Nevertheless, his comment points to the deep unease contemporary cosmology has created for those not willing to believe in God. Might the evidence be better explained by the idea of divine creation than by happenstance?” (pp 98-99)

Our world is just as finely tuned. If the earth were just slightly closer or further from the sun, or if the axis of the earth was tilted slightly one we or the other we could not survive. If the moon were slightly closer we would have out of control tides, slightly further the oceans would just be massive sewers. The list goes on and on from the cells in our body to the most massive celestial bodies. The chances of all these things coming together to support human life are so astronomical that no serious scientists could possibly accept that these things come together by accident and yet, there are “scientists” who do.

There is so much more that could be discussed on this subject, but one thing I would suggest is to never be intimidated by a “scientist”. Most “scientists” are simply not informed, and simply not interested in how all the elements come together to form our universe. Challenge them. Too many assume that any theological discussion is naive and yet it is apparent that most “scientists” are so narrow in their understanding of everything but their own field, that they really can’t intelligently discuss anything outside of their field.

I would be very interested to discuss further, please jump in, ask questions, challenge these views. I’m not an expert, but on the other hand, I think Christians have too long simply conceded this area and most serious scientists are now finding that what they see in the universe had to come together by an Intelligent Designer far above anything that we could understand, except by His own revelation. We Christians accept that the Bible is that Revelation. So let’s hear from you. May God richly bless you.

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