via The Replication Crisis in Science

Yes, I’m reblogging Dr Veith, yes that is PhD, spent his professional life in academia, retiring as the provost of Patrick Henry College in Virginia. For all of those who love to bellow “I only believe in science, hard facts”, more and more that’s not the case. Instead you believe in a faith system that more and more is becoming more doctrinal, like evolution (real scientists really don’t believe in Darwinian evolution anymore), and just want an impersonal universe that is completely material with no consideration allowed for the spiritual. Just not going to work and is in no way “scientific” or objective. Scientism is more about doing the study the way you want it to come out and less about scientific objectivity, hence the faith system “scientism”. Just more people trying to create their own reality. It’s God’s reality, He created it and He sustains it through Jesus Christ.

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