via Embracing Religious Identity while Rejecting the Religion’s Teachings

Another great blog from Dr Gene Veith, one of those authors whose grocery list I would read if he published it.

Ah no, how can the women (in the picture in Dr Veith’s blog) either keep a straight face, or genuinely believe their little signs? They can’t! They either don’t know what they’re talking about and think that stomping their legs in an adolescent hissy fit like they did with daddy, is going to get them their way, or it’s a cynical attempt at something they don’t really get.

I would certainly stipulate that the Christian church, no less the Roman Church, has never been a monolith. There have certainly been liberal elements in flatline…. uhmmmm I mean main-line protestantism for always and the Roman church certainly has its liberal element. But the liberal element in the Christian church is just not relevant. No one takes liberal protestantism seriously and for Jesuits in the Roman church they create an interesting liberal element, but they are just not relevant to Christianity in the mainstream.

But it’s certainly great that the culture seems to be finding it’s way back to the church. I would certainly see that as a move by the Holy Spirit. And you can’t expect them to come back in some pristine Christian manner. They’ve been tainted by the world for years, you can’t expect them to completely grasp genuinely Christian doctrine. I grew up outside the church, it took me awhile.

Now is the time to go to them, and I’ve done this pretty regularly and gently correct. No abortion is not a Catholic value, (how can you say that with a straight face) or any of the other frivolous, adolescent assertions. Put on your big boy/girl pants and sit and listen instead of playing. Stop being a phoney, trying to convince us you know what you’re talking about and put on your critical thinking hat. Let’s get genuine, try to understand what it really is about and stop being a phoney hypocrite. We want you to genuinely understand God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit and not the drivel you’ve been listening to from the world for years. We want you to know the genuine truth, the logos of God (I’ll explain what that means if you want to genuinely sit down and talk. Genuine, that’s a value you folks take seriously? Yet you never seem to practice it.)

Anyway, you need to get real and get rid of your hypocritical attitudes and attempts to try and force your phoney political agenda, on the timeless doctrine of Christ’s church. You say you believe in Him, he did establish the church, “I will build my church on this rock…”, “I give the keys to heaven and hell to the church”. Your phoney attempts can’t work and will reveal you as phonies.

The attempts by the liberal agenda to dictate to the church, the Churches that gave into the world, the liberal agenda, have been prattling nonsense for decades, prattle which no one takes seriously and has turned the flat-line, uhmmmm I mean main-line protestant churches into groups of contempt and ridicule.

But now there’s those who are coming back, who seem to want to genuinely talk. I’ve talked to some of those people already. I want to hear them, to understand them, to also guide them. That’s the job of the church, and if someone genuinely wants to talk, I’m more than ready. Don’t care about their sexual orientation, abortion attitude, 2nd amendment whatever, really whatever. Give me the chance to present the Gospel to you and then we can go from there.

As wrongheaded as many of those who seem to want to return to the true church of Jesus Christ, at least they are genuinely, I hope, searching. I want to give them every opportunity to sit and talk and come together. That’s what I’m suppose to do as a Christian and a clergyman. I’m eager to do so, let’s sit and talk. As always thank you Dr Veith, I’m a big fan. God richly bless you.

1 thought on “Embracing Religious Identity while Rejecting the Religion’s Teachings

  1. Andy Blair

    God’s word is as God is…an unchanging and constant truth. God created this world and us in it. He has a perfect standard that we will never achieve in this mortal life. He loves us so much that he sent Christ to pay the price for ALL of the sins of the world giving us the free gift of salvation even though we do not deserve it ( and can never, ever earn it through works). We really can enter into God’s presence and live in eternity with him forever yet we must acknowledge and admit our sinful guilt and accept the perfect blood of Christ which offers forgiveness from sin.

    Man has chosen to “ change” in a sinful and selfish way outside of God’s will. Whenever man chooses to reject God and do his own thing or believes the words of a “ pastor” who gives him permission to stray from God”s word…he does so at the peril of his own soul. We are all eternal beings. We all shall live into eternity forever. We shall either enter into eternity with Christ as our Saviour or Christ as our judge. There is no amount of doing good to obtain forgiveness of sin. There is no amount of money or Church attendance that will put you on the road to heaven. Our eternity is that of being washed of our sinful nature and being given a glorious immortal body to live and rejoice with the Father, Sin and Holy Ghost forever or to die in our own unforgiving sins , never being able to be in the presence of God. The penalty for this is an eternal payment for sin through never ending suffering.

    God loves each one of us equally. We are all his childr3n no matter the color of our skin or the language we speak. Jesus died for each of us , the price for our sin debt has been PAID IN FULL. Accept this free gift of salvation outlined in John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son into the world, that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    You have your entire life to choose. But you don’t know how long that life will last. Choose soon to accept Christ. He is patiently waiting for you. Revelation 3:20. Behold I ( Christ) stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice , and open the door, I will come in to him , and will sup with him and he will sup with me.



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