Martin Luther for the twenty first century

Dr Martin Luther was one of the greatest minds, greatest theologians of all times. He made all of Christiandom look back and regain its understanding of what it means to be in Christ to be saved by Him, to be under His Lordship, to obey our Lord Jesus in what He revealed to us in His Gospels. We could sure use Martin Luther’s wisdom, courage and spiritual leadership today. But he was a real guy too, he was not some cranky fuddy duddy. So I thought I would start posting some of Dr Luthers “Table Talk” quotes. Let’s just say he was “relaxed” enough to give some of his more candid observations. He sometimes he was a little too blunt and no one would call him politically correct. His candor would be a breath of fresh as in this time of phoney it’s all about me “Christianity” and political correctness.

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