Diversity? OK, but to what end?

I really do not have a problem with diversity. Obviously things that involve a wide swath of a population should have input, I’m not really sure, despite all the math that I barely passed in college, that swath is inclusive. Further, why is it that “diversity”, is usually a platform for the handful of cranks and usually excludes legitimate segments of the population?

It’s almost laughable, even if we accept the latest polls, that the United States is 70% Christian, how many times do you see “diversity” include a Christian perspective? I honestly can’t recall one time, unless it was an issue specifically to do with religion. We have a minority sliver of homosexuals that is probably about 5% of the population, but you better make sure that if you’re talking “diversity”, that nominal 5% of the population is represented. (No it’s not 10%, which is also still a nominal percentage. The only “research” that found 10% was done back in the 1950s and it was extremely flawed “research”. Any contemporary, generally recognized contemporary studies all hold around 5%, yea really).

In view of how we seem to crave a representation of those who chose to openly reject God’s plan, I wonder even more why the most significant part of the population (70% of the population still is a larger majority than any other segment, even men or women). Seems to be ignored or underrepresented, the vast majority of Christians in the population and the workplace.

Say what you will, you see a mob of people moving toward you and then you realize they’re carrying Bibles, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable. Why then is the corporate world not interested in including people who strive to live their Christian life in the corporate world and more interested in the “win at all costs, no scruples” types like; Michael Milken, Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff, Dennis Koslowski, Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom), Arthur Andersen (the accounting firm)? (Hey thanks to the unbelievers who always seem to make life tougher for the rest of us.) Oh yea, people with out scruples make money, have to remember what idol we’re worshipping. Of course that ignores the numerous successful companies run by openly professing Christians. It’s like the hit on athletes, that Christians couldn’t win the big ones, of course guys like Kurt Warner and Tim Duncan to prove that was nonsense.

Rich Karlgaard in Forbes Magazine (May 4, 2015 p 34) writing about diversity, of course covered all the coveted corporate considerations; ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, position, talent, but maybe he should be talking a little about people who are concerned with not just succeeding and driving a team, also doing it with integrity and pleasing to their heavenly Father.

You want diversity, success and lot less likely to end up with a felony record? You might want to quit messing around with the idea that we all stop being Christians at 9am Monday morning and more concerned that you have people who are concerned with the many great things of Christian integrity.

We meet on Wednesday mornings at 10am, midweek Coffee Break and take some time to talk about the things that really matter, of which is of course how we perform our jobs with maximum success and integrity in Christ. Corner of W King and Beaver Sts downtown York, Pa. Parking right behind the church at 140 W King.

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