Sea of Galilee fish fry, hosted by the Lord

Been out all night, nothing! Just starting to be daylight and a voice from the shore calls “Children, do you have any fish?” They’re all adults, so don’t know how the “children” went over. Of course nothing like having someone remind you “…do you have any fish?” that your whole night’s been wasted effort. The same man’s probably becoming more visible and then says, throw the net on the right side of the boat (that’s starboard for you landlubbers). What??? That’s not going to make any difference. But they did, hauled in 153 fish, probably a record single haul.

They get close enough to land and realize it’s Jesus, but by now they’ve probably figured it out. Not only does He give them an enormous haul, but He’s got dinner ready. So nice after a long night of bouncing around the Sea of Galilee. He won’t be with them much longer, He will be ascending to the Father very shortly. This is one of His resurrection appearances, and it’s back in the calm of Capernaum, away from the bustle of Jerusalem.

This is a picture of the beach that tradition has set this scene. I can just picture the Lord with the disciples, sitting around talking, laughing, comforting them, providing for them and giving them the promise of God the Son.

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