As part of our Israel travelogue, I am putting the pictures I took in Israel on display, this was a church trip we did back in the Fall of 2012. This picture is of the Roman city of Scythopolis it’s north of Jerusalem south of the Sea of Galilee on the west bank of the Jordan. It was part of a chain of ten Roman cities called the Decapolis (ten cities). There are three references in the Bible where it is referred to as Decapolis, it’s the only one of the ten cities that was in Israel proper. It was build by the Romans, as a Roman administrative center. I’m not exactly sure of the history, but it was supposed to have been built while Jesus was growing up, so it’s thought it could be a possibe that he worked with his father as carpenters on the building of the city.

The entrance is set up so you have to step to the side and when you do, this is the panorama that is set before you. This was an extraordinary site. The hill is man made, it was a temple to either Artemis or Diana. It was a fascinating place to explore. Please let me know if you want to see more pictures of this site.

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